Excellence Tourism Attractions of Mount Rinjani

Indonesia has millions of charms and beauty that seem endless to explore the sea, the mountain, the waterfall, the rice fields, and others. All the beauty that exists in Indonesia seems to be able to show how this country is blessed. One of the charms of Indonesia’s natural beauty that is able to attract many tourists to come and get to know the country further Indonesia is the tourism attractions of Mount Rinjani that has a height of 3726 ASL. The mountains on the island of Lombok are able to attract the attention of many tourists, especially those who have a hobby and pleasure to climb either from within or outside the country. Many climbers want to witness firsthand the natural beauty that has been very famous story from the dashing of Mount Rinjani.

Mount Rinjani is located in the northern part of Lombok that is the highest peak in West Nusa Tenggara. The mountain is believed to Lombok people as a place where genie princess named Dewi Anjani the daughter of the king Datu Tuan and Queen Dewi Mas lived. In addition to having legends that are still believed to date, the mountain area is also used as a tourist destination Lombok Island that has a lot of interest, especially among climbers. The mountain has a lot of charm and beauty that is able to attract tourists to come visit the mountain such as the Crater Lake, caldera, hot springs, craters, and others. In addition, the mountain also has several points that offer beauty and charm for tourists to stop off.

One of the charms of the beauty of the tourism attractions of Mount Rinjani that do not want to be missed by tourists who come to the tourist area is Lake Segara Anak. The lake offers a stunning beauty. To get to the area of the lake, visitors can take advantage of two climbing route through the path of climbing Senaru and Sembalun climbing path. Some activities can be done in the area of Segara Anak Lake such as soaking in warm sulfur water, camping, or fishing. However, heading to the lake area also requires little effort and time is not for a moment. However, when you are in the area of the lake, all tired and accomplished due to travel will just disappear with the beauty and charm offered.

In addition to the beautiful lake Segara Anak, tourist area of Mount Rinjani also has various types of flora and fauna. In the north and west, there are many Ficus superba plants, Dysoxylum sp, and pterospermum. Furthermore, there are also various mountain pine plants provide beauty and coolness in the area. Reach a higher elevation, the mountains of Rinjani increasingly rarely overgrown flora there are only grasses and edelweiss flowers and acacia trees in the eastern part of the mountain. In addition to diverse plants, Mount Rinjani also has many bird species that live there. Besides birds, there are several other types of fauna such as deer, porcupine, and silver monkeys. In the Pelembangan Sembalun area, many long-tailed monkeys like to disturb climbers by taking food in climber’s tents.

The beauty of Mount Rinjani and its charm seems very difficult to ignore. To be able to visit the tourism attractions of Mount Rinjani, you can start the journey from Mataram to Sembalun with travel time of about 2 hours. If you really want to climb, you should pay attention to things before climbing like recognizing the weather and the character of the area to avoid problems. Asking for help to the guiding team to accompany the climb must be a reasonable choice to enjoy the beauty and charm of Mount Rinjani.

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